Lou Congelio

Kim White

creative director/art + visual content

A few things about Kim.

Kim is married (get this) to a woman whose first name is also Kim. A long-time resident of Cincinnati, Ohio, Kim loves to listen to Marty Brennaman and Jeff Brantley call the Reds on radio. He is also adept at antique motorcycle restoration and an art form he created, which uses postage stamps, integrated with hand illustration as artwork on mailable envelopes.

While room mates with Lou back in the 80’s in Houston, Kim was very interested in restoring an old Sunbeam Tiger, the tiny car Don Adams made popular in the seventies TV series, Get Smart. Having no garage or means of exterior storage for the car, Kim conveniently made use of the extra wide space of his bedroom closet to house most of the larger components, i.e., motor, fenders and tires. However, the apartment complex had a different idea for correct closet usage and the team was forced to vacate.

Known for his keen sense of humor and relentless joke-telling, Kim was an instant client favorite and generated more than one invitation to go “client-side” but his steadfast loyalty to his agency plus the fact that he was raking in over four figures a year dissuaded any  interest in leaving.

Today, Kim provides concept supervision and strategic creative direction of  all work, with a specialty in the areas of art direction, design and broadcast production.

His prolific concept development and discerning design sense have created award winning and revenue generating advertising for an elite list of clients at local agencies, as well as nationally prominent shops in other markets.

Plus, he’s a heck of a lot of fun to have a beer with.